“Pow Wow Hawaii is the collaborative gathering of creatives from around the world in the city of Honolulu, sharing in the process of art and music with the local community and abroad. Pow Wow 2010 started out with a few artists, including founder Jasper Wong, Wu Yue, Will Barras, Pat Lee, and Jahan produced live art, with DJs Verbal and Yoon providing musical inspirations for two days in Hong Kong. The second year followed, moving Pow Wow 2011 to the beautiful island of Oahu for four days with new artists including Suitman, Aaron de la Cruz, Jeff Hamada, 123Klan, Meggs, Prime, Ekundayo, and Kamea Hadar where it became groundbreaking for the local art community. In becoming an annual Hawaii event, Pow Wow 2012 doubled the artists list with bigger names and took over beautifying the streets of Honolulu for a week.”

via Whudat